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Demolition PC Lab Report

Computer Model: DELL DHS

Binh csc103lab.jpg
  • Parts visible after removing cover: motherboard, fans, RAM, power supply, hard disk, optical drive, wires.

The Processor

Binh processor.jpg

  • Intel Pentium 4
  • Model Number M342C45
  • Location: Under the fan

The Crystal

Binh crystal.jpg

  • Location: There are two crystals on the motherboard.
  1. One close to the processor.
  2. The other is near the RAM.
  • They regulate the energy going into the processor, making sure it does not overheat.
  • Controls frequency of processor.

The Random Access Memory (RAM)

Binh ram.jpg

  • Nanya
  • 512 MB
  • Located: on the motherboard

The Power Supply

Binh powersupply.jpg

  • Location: Next to the motherboard.
  • Max Watt is 210
  • Power supply runs the computer and makes it possible for it to function.

The Mother Board

Binh motherboard.jpg

  • Location: Acts as base of computer, located next to power supply.
  • Lines on motherboard are binary information.

The Hard Disk

Binh harddisk.jpg

  • 40GB
  • Location: On the cover, on top of the power supply (when closed).
  • It is a silver disk, similar to a cassette that stores information after the computer is shut off.

The Optical Disk (DVD/CD player/burner)

Binh cddvd.jpg

  • Functions as a DVD and CD drive and burner.
  • Location:On the cover.

The Wiring

Binh wires.jpg

  • The cables convert electricity and the tape-like ribbons transports bits of data to the motherboard.

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