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PC Demolition Lab

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The Computer

  • Make: Dell
  • Model #: ND-353OA






  • Brand: Intel
  • Model #: 3511A306

The processor is also known as the central processing unit, and it is a small square part on the motherboard that carries out instructions from a program. It outputs between 1GHz and 3 GHz (equivalent to 3 billion instructions per second), which is why it is located under a fan to cool it down. The processor typically has two components:

  1. Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU): performs arithmetic and logical operations
  2. Control Unit (CU): extracts and executes instructions from memory

from Wikipedia article on Central processing unit

Random Access Memory (RAM)

  • Made by Samsung
  • 512 MB

The RAM is a data storage system that allows data to be accessed quickly and in any order. This is different from other types of data storage, like hard disks, CDs, and DVDs, which only read data in a certain order. from Wikipedia article on RAM



The crystal is a device that keeps a precise frequency in order to keep track of time. It is responsible for telling the processor how fast to go. from Wikipedia article on Crystal oscillator


017.jpg There is a small, round battery on the motherboard, similar to one you might find in a watch. This battery is responsible for powering the time-keeping functions in the computer.

CD/DVD Drive


The optical drive in this computer is a DVR R/RW & CD R/RW drive. The optical drive uses light to read or write data onto a disc. Some drives can only read data, others can read and write, or "burn." from Wikipedia article on Optical disc drive

Power Supply


The power supply in this computer can output 280 watts of power. It is located in the lower right hand corner of the computer.

Hard Disk


The hard disk is located under the optical drive. In this computer, the hard disk holds 80 GB of data. The hard disk is a magnetic storage device that rotates rapidly while being read by magnetic heads on a small actuator arm. Once a hard disk is exposed to the air, it is immediately rendered ineffective. from Wikipedia article on Hard disk drive