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Pc demolition.jpg

  • In order to understand computers the class dedicated a day to open up old computers and see what is inside. Our computer was a dell windows XP professional and model number was SC 148 Toshiba samsung.


    • The image shows the visible parts when the top of the computer was opened. They are the Motherboard, fan, power supply and the CD drive.

Mother Board

    • The mother board is the flat board seen at the back of the computer with lines running on it, cables going into it from the various parts of the computer and vice versa. The lines running on the mother board are the circuits. They are the communication paths of the various parts. The mother board is very crucial to the computer because it holds all parts together and allows efficient communication as well.

On the mother board we can find :

    • The processor
    • RAM
    • Crystals
    • Battery

The processor

    • The processor is a rectangular metal found at the center of the mother board, underneath the fan. Its model number was not quite visible but it a small inscription on it read "fox conn". It is the place where all computing is done. It processes data and instructions in massive amounts (3 billion bytes/second).


    • The RAM also known as the random access memory was found standing on the mother board next to the floppy disk drive. It was made by Samsung and has the storage capacity of 512 MB. Its model number was wd 800.

It is the temporary work space for the processor because it is faster and simpler to access the data in it.



The crystal is found on several spaces on the mother board. It regulates the processor by controlling the amount of data sent to it.



The battery is useful in keeping the time when the computer is not connected to a power source. It helps keep files dated.

Hard disk

    • The hard disk was found underneath the floppy disk drive and has a capacity of 80GB. Inside the hard disk is a mirror like circular disk and a pointer that would coordinate to write and save files. The hard disk is the permanent data storage device used in the computer.

Hard.jpg Drive.jpg

CD drive

It is located right at the top when the computer was opened. It was a CD drive. [see image #1]

    • According to [1]CD/DVD drives are used to read data and applications from CDs (compact disk) and DVDs (digital versatile disk). It is a device which uses laser technology to read and write data on/from optical disks.

power supply

    • It was found next to the CD drive on the side of the power cables. All cables are going into the power supply and they connect it with the mother boards. The power supply can generate up to 280V. [see image #1]

According to http://www.all-about-computer-parts.com/computer_power_supply.html]The function of power unit is to convert the electrical power (AC) comes from wall socket to a suitable type and voltage (DC) so that each component of a computer works properly.