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The Demolition lab took place in Ford Hall foyer. The purpose of the lab was to take apart a computer and locate or name the visible parts, take them out, and take notes about their different functions in the computer. The computer which my partner and I took apart was a Dell Windows XP Professional GX620.

Before 'demolition' our computer looked like this
Optimised-SAM 0667.JPG

On opening the compter some parts were visible which include

  • Motherboard
  • RAM
  • DVD Player
  • Fan
  • Cables


The Motherboard is the central part of the computer. It provides a platform in which different parts can be connected to each other. These parts include the Processor, RAM, Crystal, Battery and Circuits

Optimised-SAM 0695.JPG


  • An INTEL PENTIUM processor
  • Is found on the motherboard under the fan
  • Has more than a million logic gates which work very fast and therefore the Processor heats up
  • The processor carries out instructions of a computer program by performing the basic arithmetical and logical operations of the computer system | Wikipedia page on Central Processing Unit
Optimised-SAM 0684.JPG


  • Random Access Memory is a form of compter storage
  • Samsung make
  • 512MB memory
  • Was next to the power supply and DVD Player
  • This is where programs are stored when the computer is switched off
    Optimized-SAM 0683.JPG


  • Is the metronome for the computer
  • According to Wikipedia, the frequency of the crystal determines the clockrate of the processor. | Wikipedia page on Clockrate
Optimised-SAM 0694.JPG

Hard Disk

  • Is magnetic
  • Is where programs are stored when computer is switched off
  • Found below the DVD
  • 40GB
  • Inside the hard disk is a shinny disk and the head which writes programs on the disk
    Optimised-SAM 0690.JPG

DVD Player

  • Adjacent to the power supply
  • Phillips DVD R/RW Drive
    Optimised-SAM 0677.JPG
  • According to Wikipedia, a DVD player reads DVD discs, optionally decrypts data and obeys the DVD's Regional lockout | Wikipedia page on DVD Player


  • Adjacent to the DVD Player
  • 280W output of power
  • The power supply changes alternating current from a wall socket to low voltage direct current to operate the processor and other devices | Wikipedia page on Power supply unit
  • The cables are for transfer of power between various parts of the computer
Optimised-SAM 0682.JPG


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