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Kayvia Pemberton

February 7th,2011

CSC103 PC Demolition Lab

Dell Optiplex GX620

103b bp grouppic.jpg

This is our group during the Demolition lab.

103b bp inside.jpg

The first look inside the computer before taking it apart. It was amazing to see all the different parts that a computer consisted of, this was my first look inside a computer. We could see the Motherboard,power source and graphics card as soon as we took the top off.

103b bp Processor.jpg

This is the Processor, an Intel Pention 4 model number:650 SL 7Z7. The processor is responsible for interpreting and executing instructions and data for software programs.

103b bp RaM.jpg

This is the memory or RAM (Random Access Memory). This is the short term memory that software programs are able to use as necessary while the computer is on. When the computer is turned off the memory RAM erases. This computer has 1,024 MB (Two 512 MB cards) of RAM.

103b bp power.jpg

This is the power supply. Using electricity to power the computer this specific power supply can output 305 watts.The cables stemming from the power source are to provide electricity to the motherboard and other parts.

103b bp harddisk.jpg

This is the hard disk. The hard disk is responsible for holding onto long term memory within the computer. It is in this space that programs and software are stored when not being used and continue to stay when the computer is turned off. This hard disk contained 250 GB of memory and inside there is actually a disk.

103b bp CD.jpg

This is the CD/DVD Rom. It is here that you can play CD's and DVD's, run programs that come in the form of disk or burn disc as well.

103b bp Motherboard.jpg

This is the motherboard. The motherboard contains the central circuitry for the computer and contains the crucial components of the computer. The lines on the motherboard function as wires and connect the the circuitry. Most of these lines can be seen between the processor and the north bridge as well as the between Processor and the RAM.

103b bp final.jpg

This is a picture of our computer after our group put the computer back together (we tried our best).

103b bp circuits.jpg 103b bp drive.jpg 103b bp processor1.jpg 103b bp RAm2.jpg 103b bp part.jpg 103b bp battery.jpg 103b bp together.jpg

 These are other pictures from our Demolition lab throughout the process of breaking apart the computer.

This lab was very informative for me. It allowed me to connect the things we are learning in class with a visual representation. We began to separate the parts by removing what most easily could be removed. This included parts like the RAM and the CD/DVD Rom. We then continued to remove parts in order of the question asked by the instructions. As we continued and looked at the parts more in detailed we were able to learn more about each part and their relationship with other. The most difficult parts to take off and examine were the hard disk and the mother board. However, when we were able to it was worth it to see what was inside. The hard disk contained more circuitry as well as a very clear and shiny disk. On the opposite side of the motherboard there was even more circuitry connecting to the various parts. Overall, greatly enjoyed participating in the Demolition Lab.