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Taking Apart Computers: Lab 2

103a-bo 1.jpg Debbie Song and partners, 7.2.2011

Objective Identify and Disassemble Components of a Computer

  • We started with...

103a-bo 2.jpg

Dell Optiplex GX620

  • Finding the Random Access Memory (RAM) aka memory was pretty simple it was visible as soon as we opened up the computer

103a-bo 3.jpg

Samsung 1024MB

  • The Central Processing Unit (CPU) aka processor was not as easy to find as it was initially concealed

103a-bo 5.jpg

Intel Pentium4 processor

  • All of these were found on the motherboard

103a-bo 6.jpg

  • The Hard Drive aka Hard Disk was enclosed in a case but that case was visible

103a-bo 7.jpg


  • But of course that just made us more curious so we unscrewed the case and found a disk and circuit board

103a-bo 8.jpg 103a-bo 11.jpg

  • The power supply was visible and like it's name describes so well, powers the computer

103a-bo 9.jpg

305 watts

  • The CD/DVD Rom had to be taken out by opening a different side of the computer

103a-bo 10.jpg

Other Photos

103a-bo 12.jpg

103a-bo 13.jpg

103a-bo 14.jpg


  • Most pieces easily came out without much effort or screwing
  • We had some trouble getting the Hard drive out of it's casing because:
  1. the screw heads are irregular
  2. there is a sticker taped over one of the screws

We were informed that this sticker prevents consumers from tampering with the Hard drive (which would void any warranties).

  • I was surprised to find that the pieces were relatively simple to assemble and disassemble. After opening up and taking out pieces, it was not too difficult to get them back in place along with the wires that were connecting them.
  • The motherboard had so many tracks it almost looked like a highway. In fact, it reminded me of the movie Tron.