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Demolition Lab - 2/7/11 - Sydney Ness

Julia Jo was my partner in disassembling our Dell 620GX. Here is a picture of her and me after reassembly of the computer.

103b-bn team.jpg

The first challenge we encountered was getting the computer open. Computers are delicate and complex, and it felt very strange to be taking it apart. I also felt that I was being very careful so as to avoid injury from metal in the computer.
Of course, we figured out fairly quickly how to open the computer. We were immediately able to see the motherboard, power source, graphics card, RAM, and fan. We also noticed that our computer's two hard drives were missing, as you may be able to see in this picture:
103b bn first.jpg

We then jumped into more specific disassembly. It wasn't immediately obvious where the processor was, but we found an Intel Pentium 4 processor on the motherboard. Here is a picture of the processor (on the left) and the motherboard, including processor, (on the right):

103b-bn processor.jpg
103b-bn MB.jpg

We wanted to take the motherboard out next, but felt that it would be helpful to remove the power source in order to get rid of some of the wires. Most wires in the computer ran from the power source to the motherboard, CD drive, and other components, but there were a few wires elsewhere. There were wires connecting the motherboard to the hard disk. One of the most interesting things I saw was the wire connected to what appeared to be a simple plastic button near the outside of the computer. We learned that this wire is actually a security measure; it detects and alerts you if/when your computer is opened. Brilliant!
The power supply is located at the back of the top of the computer. In this case, the power source puts out 305 watts. Here's a picture of it:
103b-bn powersupply.jpg

103b-bn dvd.jpg

We then took out the DVD drive. There is a picture of Julia removing the drive on the right side of this page. We looked at the RAM. There were two of them in the motherboard, both made by Samsung with capacity 512 MB. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the RAM. However, I was able to get a picture of the hard drive even though our computer's two hard drives were missing! 103b-bn harddrive.jpg

Taking apart a computer was fun. I really liked seeing all the parts and how they fit together.