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My first Wiki page

Hello, and welcome to my first wiki page! My name is Sydney Ness, I am a sophomore majoring in mathematics. Most of my time is spent studying and listening to music, so here's some information about that stuff.

My semester

My course load this semester is my favorite one I've had at Smith so far. My courses are:

  • CSC103 How Computers Work
  • MTH212 Calculus III
  • MTH233 Introduction to Modern Algebra
  • AST228 Astrophysics I
  • EDC110 Introduction to American Education

This time next year, I hope to be in Budapest participating in an intensive math program.

My favorite music

Kevin Devine (seen live 6.29.10 and 12.18.10, seeing him again 3.13.11 and 4.9.11)
Manchester Orchestra
Bad Books (Kevin Devine + Manchester Orchestra, seen live 10.22.10)
Right Away, Great Captain! (seen live 10.22.10)
Sufjan Stevens (seen live 11.11.10)
M. Ward
Bright Eyes (seeing live 3.11.11)

Here's a picture of Kevin Devine and me in December :)
103b bn KevDev.jpg

Some parts of computers!

103b bn computer.jpg
103b bn motherboard.jpg