103b-bm PC Lab

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Kayla Soyoung Kim

Lab #2 (February 7th, 2011)

103b bm q1.jpg

  • Q1: OPTIOLEX GX620

103b bm q2.jpg

  • Q2: The parts that are visible as I open the cover are, the motherboard, power supply, CD/DVD player/burner, hard disk, processor, and RAMs.

103b bm q3.jpg

  • Q3: The processor is located on the motherboard, under the 'black plastic cover.' The brand and model number is PENTIUM4.

103b bm q4.jpg

  • Q4: The RAM is located on the motherboard. There were 2 RAMs in my PC and SAMSUNG makes them.

103b bm q5.jpg

  • Q5: The CD/DVD player/burner is located at the very front and the top of the PC. It was a DVD drive.

103b bm q6.jpg

  • Q6: The power supply is behind the DVD drive and it's 305W.
  • Q7: The cables are to supply all the energy or communicate information with other parts.

103b bm q8.jpg

  • Q8: The hard disk is at the bottom front of the PC and it's 250 gigabytes.
  • Q9: Inside the hard disk, there are platters which store actual data; and on the platters, there is a magnetic layer which has tiny domains of magnetization that stores transferred information through the read and write heads.

103b bm q10.jpg

  • Q10: The motherboard is attached along the side-cover and the lines on the motherboard are connected with different parts and the power supply also.

103b bm q11.jpg

  • Q11: The crystal is on one side of the motherboard and it gives the computer system rhythm and beats.

103b bm q12.jpg

  • Q12: The battery is to keep the computer to process even when the power is off; for instance, keep the clock going.
  • We disassembled the computer step by step following the questions given to us. Basically we could find the parts just by taking off the side cover of the computer; however, to look closely into each part, we disassembled them one by one, taking out from the computer. We could take out most of them by hands, clicking them off from the computer itself, but for some parts we had to use screw driver to take out the screws that hold the parts to the computer. The motherboard was the most difficult part to take out from the computer since it was completely attached and that we had to dig in to take each attached part out. To me, it was surprising to see the motherboard, how complicated it is with hundreds of tiny metal-things on the board.