103b-bh PC Lab

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Yingtong Ding 103b me computer.jpg

Date of Lab


Components of a Computer

Please refer to this link to see video about the what is inside a computer: What Components Are Inside My Computer?

  • Model Number

OTIPLEX GX626 103b mdl computer.jpg

  • Team Picture

103b teampic computer.jpg

  • Pictures of the Computer at Different Stages of Disassembly

103b 01 computer.jpg;

103b 02 computer.jpg;

103b 03 computer.jpg

  • Processor

103b 10 computer.jpg 103b 101 computer.jpg

  • Memory

103b 04 computer.jpg 103b 041 computer.jpg

  • Power Supply

103b 05 computer.jpg 103b 051 computer.jpg

  • Hard Disk

103b 06 computer.jpg

  • CD/DVD Rom

103b 07 computer.jpg

  • Mother Board.

103b 08 computer.jpg 103b 081 computer.jpg

  • Other Pictures

103b 11 computer.jpg 103b 12 computer.jpg 103b 13 computer.jpg 103b 14 computer.jpg

Challenges, Surprises and Discoveries

Surprisingly, we did not encounter many problems diassembling the computer (maybe because we are all people who like demolishing). We opened the box and dealt with all the screws. Some part of the computer was hard to remove because we could not find all the screws. Eventually, we manage to take the computer apart.

What surprises me is the huge amount of wires on the mother board. It looks like a city with roads and avenues.