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103b bg 299.jpg

This is a picture of me after we put all the parts back into the box at the end of lab.

Demolition Lab

  • February 7, 2011
  • Partner: Kayla Kim

103b bg 26.jpg

Dell GX620

103b bg main.jpg

103b bg inside.jpg

This is the picture of our computer before the lab. We can see the CD/DVD ROM on the top left, power supply on the top right, hard disk on the bottom left, the processor is hidden under the black box (heat sink and fan), RAM (green cards) under the power supply and the graphics card (red) on the bottom right.


First, we had to remove the black box.

103b bg box.jpg

Then, we found where it is!

103b bg open.jpg

This is the processor also known as CPU (Central Processing Unit). This is the brain of the computer. This computer has Pentium 4.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM stores temporary information. It is the two green cards near where CPU was found.

103b bg 1.jpg

This is the RAM removed from the motherboard. This was manufactured by Samsung.

103b bg 2.jpg

Power Supply

Power supply is the energy source for the computer. So there are many colored cables that comes out to supply energy to different parts of the computer. The output of this power supply is 305 Watts.

103b bg 3.jpg

Hard Disk

Hard disk stores the permanent information. This hard disk can hold 250GB.

103b bg 4.jpg

103b bg 19.jpg

103b bg 20.jpg

We did not have the tools to open the hard drive but a disk is inside.


This is also known as optical drive. We could not isolate the CD/DVD ROM.

103b bg 5.jpg


This is a picture of the motherboard which is the heart of the computer. The lines on the motherboard are electric wires that transfers information. The blue cables are connected to the hard disk to receive and transfer information. This is also known as SATA.

103b bg 6.jpg

There is a small battery on the mother board. This small battery has a long life time and is needed to supply constant energy even when the power is off so that the computer can remember the dates, time, etc.

103b bg 22.jpg

There is also the crystal. This gives beat or rhythm to the motherboard. It is like the pacemaker of the heart.

103b bg 23.jpg