103b-bd PC Lab Report

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   * Name : kalsang 
   * The date of the lab : 02/07/2011 Monday @ Ford Hall  
   * The model number of our computer is Dell 620GX.
   * A picture of your team.
                                            103b bd computer.jpg
        103b bd com.jpg                   103b bd com9.jpg
                    * Tenzing Khendu                                       *Kalsang 
   * Pictures of your computer at different stages of disassembly
      103b bd ka.jpg                       103b bd ka1.jpg  
   * A picture of the processor (make sure you ask the helpers to point it out to you on Monday!)
      103b bd new.jpg
   * A picture of the memory (same comment)
    103b bd new1.jpg
   * A picture of the power supply
   103b bd new2.jpg
   * A picture of the hard disk
   103b bd new3.jpg
   * A picture of the CD/DVD Rom
   103b bd new4.jpg
   * A picture of the mother board.
  103b bd new5.jpg
   * Other pictures you feel illustrate well the different parts you discovered in your computer.
   103b bd new6.jpg                                   103b bd new7.jpg
              *Before                                                              * After
   * A brief description of the steps you took to disassemble your computer. the challenges, the surprises, and the discoveries

We started this lab by first taking off the cover of the computer. This made visible the various components of the computer. We first began to take apart the processor which was compact inside a small metallic square board, located on the motherboard (model #: 35440074-B1479). Next we took out the RAM (Random Access Memory). Our two RAM was located across from the motherboard and CPU. After this, we found the CD/DVD player/burner located on the top-front of the desk-top tower. This happens to be only a DVD player. At the opposite side of the DVD player was located the power supply. This power supply can output 305 wats. While taking apart the different components of the computer, we discovered many cables that were either attached to the mother board or other parts of the computer. These wires allow the computer to run and function all together as one. Hard disk was then taken apart next. The hard disk was located towards the bottom of the front panel, below the CD/DVD player/burner. Our hard disk holds 250.0 GB of data. We discovered that information is stored in tiny tiny little magnetic format. After taking apart all the components, we finally were able to take apart the mother board. Mother Board holds many of the critical components of the system while at the same time regulates and computes the computer. The mother board displayed numerous tiny lines that functions as transportation to the various other components of the computer. There was also visible crystals that controls of the speed of accusation (this tells us how fast it executes information). Also located on the mother board were tiny miniature batteries which supply power to the computer. This concludes the lab of taking the PC apart. Through out our process of doing this lab, we enjoyed the excitement of discovering not only the basic components of the computer but also the amazement of how such tiny devices take such great responsibility in the computer. Challenges include, physically taking apart some of the components that were in tight space where we were unable to reach.

   * A wiki construct that wasn't in the lab, but that you found in one of the wiki resources listed at the bottom of this page.