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This is me holding the RAM!

Computer Demolition Lab 6th February 2011

Lauren A Zelaya
CSC 103
6 February 2011

Model #: Dell 620GX (feelin' so fly like a GX)

Stages of Disassembly

103b bc after.jpg

103b bc yeah.jpg

103b getitgrrrl.png


103b bc processor.jpg


103b bc memoria.jpg
1 stick of RAM (512 MB)

Power Supply

103b bc powersupply.jpg

Hard Disk

103b bc harddrive.jpg
So reflective!


103b bc wutever2.jpg
103b bc wutever.jpg


103b bc motha.jpg
103b bc mothaa.jpg

Bonus Picture

103b bc word.jpg
Action shot!

Steps to disassemble: challenges, discoveries, and surprises along the way

This is my lab partner taking apart the computer!
  1. My lab partner and I were surprised at how easily the computer cover pops off! We were actually prepared to have to use tools for this process.
  2. We were also surprised at how the DVD/CD-RW drive simply slid out. Again, we didn't need any tools!
  3. We then removed the RAM, which was also easy to just pop out of their slots.
  4. Unscrewing the fan component to get to the Central Processing Unit underneath was a bit time consuming. The CPU was also surprisingly dirty, and we needed to scratch the surface to read that it was manufactured by Intel.
  5. Removing the hard drive itself was simple but to get at the actual disk was more labor intensive. The screws were really tiny and couldn't be removed with a standard sized screwdriver. There is also a hidden screw underneath the sticker, so it can be seen when someone has tampered with the hard drive (ie voiding the warantee). The actual disk inside was spotless!
  6. After we took everything apart, we helped each other recall how to connect everything back where it should be. Despite how precise everything is, I was definitely surprised by how easy it is to manipulate all of these parts. It made me realize how mishandling a computer and causing one loose connection could really effect the function of a computer!