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Lab Report

Stephanie Murcia

  • February 14, 2011
  • Dell


103ag crystal.jpg


103ag computer.jpg

mother board

103ag ram.jpg

RAM (memory)

103ag harddisk.jpg

Hard disk

103ag Battery.jpg


103ag cdrom.jpg


103ag processor.jpg


103ag fans.jpg



* Opened the computer and located the power supply. 
* Disconnected the wires that connected the power to various parts of the computer.
* Proceeded to disconnect all the other wires and ribbons that were easiest to pull off.
* Located the hard drive, CD-ROM, and floppy disks and pulled them out by holding these two green handle-like 
* Located the fans and removed them from the mother board.
* Under the fans I found the CPU or Central Processing Unit that is positioned so that the fan hits it while it works.
* Removed RAM 
* Unscrewed the mother board but the stubborn thing wouldn't come out =/
* Took pictures of the hardware 
* Placed everything back to that the computer could easily close again.

Obstacles and Discoveries

Some obstacles I encountered were being afraid of breaking any of the hardware, which made it difficult for me to pull everything apart in a short amount of time, and having the mother board get stuck. Not being able to remove the mother board from the computer made it difficult to see what was what clearly. I discovered that the computer is a lot more connected than I previously believed. Rather than the hardware working independently, the computer runs on a more domino affect system, as each piece of hardware depends on each other to work properly.

103ag success.jpg