103b-ax PC Lab

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Rebecca Lew's PC Demolition Laboratory Report

This lab was carried out in Ford Hall on Monday, February 7, 2011.

The model number of the computer used was Dell Optiplex Gx620.

The Team

103b ax PC Lab Team.jpg

Images of the Computer at Various Stages of Disassembly

103b ax Before Being Taken Apart.jpg

103b ax Taking Off the Cover.jpg

103b ax General Overview of the Different Parts.jpg

103b ax Looking Closer Inside.jpg

The Processor

103b ax Processor.jpg

The Memory

103b ax Memory.jpg

The Power Supply

103b ax Power Supply.jpg

The Hard Disk

103b ax Hard Disk.jpg

The CD/DVD Rom

103b ax CD DVD Rom.jpg

The Mother Board

103b ax Mother Board.jpg

Steps Taken to Disassemble the Computer

There was no particular required order of disassembly to follow, so we took the screwdriver we had been given and unscrewed as many screws as we saw and could access. The cables connecting various pieces of hardware prove to be troublesome, but we realized there were clips locking them into their sockets, making their removal tedious and easier. The two of us split the tasks of unscrewing the hardware and removing what was unscrewed, and took breaks to record responses to the lab questions and take pictures of what had been removed. As we were writing our answers, I noticed the names of various companies that produced each piece and where they were created. I was surprised to find out how many company names I had recognized and how many foreign countries were responsible for assembling and creating different pieces of hardware. Since the United States is one of the most developed countries in the world, I was shocked to realize that so much of what we use everyday is provided through the labors of third-world countries, and that these same countries were capable of creating such complex devices.

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