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Demolition Lab Wikipage

103b at CSCDL03.jpg
  • Hello, my name is Jueun Jo and here is my demolition lab wikipage report!

The lab was taken place on February 7th, 2011 in Ford Hall.

For this demolition lab, we were provided with Dell's model Optiplex GX620.

Inside the GX620

103b at CSCDL01.jpg

* First, we opened up the side to get a better view of its components!

As soon as we opened up the computer, some visible parts came into sight including the following:

  • Power source
  • Motherboard
  • Graphic card
  • RAM memory
  • DVD Drive
  • Hard drive

103b at CSCDL02.jpg

As you can see, this is the motherboard as known as the heart of a computer!

On the motherboard, we were able to spot the processor:

  • --> Intel Pentium 4, 3.40 GHz

Also, we can see the RAM(random access memory) card slots

  • --> 2 x 512MB SAMSUNG RAM Cards

On the motherboard, there is also a crystal. This tiny crystal located closer to the back of the computer, is responsible for the CPU's processing speed!

Close to the crystal, there is a lithium battery lodged on the motherboard. This battery is responsible for keeping track of the computer's clock, therefore we are always provided with the correct time even after the computer has been shut off for days!

103b at CSCDL04.jpg

This is the hard drive of GX620 with 250GB of data capacity.

The precise and intricate movements of six different needles of each side

of three levels of discs you see, makes it possible for us to jump from one task to another!

103b at CSCDL05.jpg

This is the power source of GX620.

Its numerous wires attach to various essential parts of the computer

such as the motherboard and DVD drive.

The power source is located in the lower back side of the computer.

103b at CSCDL06.jpg

These are the Random Access Memory (RAM) Cards

which were inserted onto the motherboard.

Each has 512MB of data capacity,

and by directly docking onto the motherboard,

it increases the RAM capacity of the computer

which makes it possible for us to run high quality softwares!

103b at CSCDL07.jpg

This is the DVD drive.

It was located in the upper front part of the computer.

DVDs and CD may look similar to one another,

however, DVDs are capable of storing almost seven times as much data!

103b at CSCDL09.jpg
103b at CSCDL10.jpg

Here are some close up images of the Central Processing Unit as known as "the brain" of the computer.

This central processing unit is the active part of the computer.

It executes a program stored in memory.

This CPU is where all the calculations are performed!