103b-as PC Lab

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PC Demolition Lab

Final pic 103b as team pic.jpg

Niki Bhargava

Team member: Ella Maxey

February 7, 2011

MODEL NUMBER: Dell L305p-00

Major Parts

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)

CPU 103b as cpu.jpg

  • Motherboard

Motherboard as computer.jpg

  • Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM 103b au computer.jpg

  • Power supply

Power 103b au computer.jpg

  • Hard Disk

Hard disk 103b au computer.jpg

  • Optical Drive (DVD, CD)

DVD 1 103b au computer.jpg

Steps to the lab

  • Take off cover by pulling out the latch on the top and remove.

Whole computer 103b au computer.jpg

  • Locate Processor and remove. First remove the cooling system over it by taking out the screws. Then flip up the metal latch and pull the CPU out of its metal case.

R CPU 103b au computer.jpg

  • Locate RAM on the mother board and remove by simply pulling out of its slots.

RAM with Niki 103b au computer.jpg

  • Locate DVD player.
  • Locate power supply and determine watts of power it can out put.
  • Locate hard disk and remove by squeezing the plastic clasps and pulling out.

R hard disk 103b au computer.jpg

  • Determine what is inside the hard disk by pulling off the plastic cover

Inside HD 103b au computer.jpg

  • Locate motherboard and remove by removing all of the screws and unhooking all attached wires.

R motherboard 103b au computer.jpg

  • Locate crystal on the motherboard and determine what it is for.

Crystal 103b au computer.jpg

  • Locate battery on the motherboard and determine what it is used for.

Battery 103b au computer.jpg

  • Reassemble the computer!!

Final pic 103b au computer.jpg

^ Ella and I next to our reassembled computer :)

Challenges, Surprises, and Discoveries - Conclusion

We found it really difficult to remove the motherboard, because some of the screws were hard to reach. Also, there were some screws that were set more firmly into the case. It was difficult to remove some pieces because of their locations as well, but we managed with strength and a screwdriver. I was surprised to see everything laid out as plainly as it was, and that the motherboard was right there - I had thought that the computer was a more complexly-built machine than it apparently is!! I really enjoyed this lab.