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My name is Sarah Iverson. You can contact me at siverson@smith.edu or by dropping a note in Box 7532.

My semester

This semester I am taking the following courses:

  • CSC103 & 102
  • SOC101
  • LAT100
  • HST267
  • Fencing

Fun Phrases

  1. manic panic
  2. granny chic
  3. grand gestures
  4. mob mentality
  5. urban sprawl
  6. instant gratification
  7. character study
  8. street art
  9. halloween haunt

Perhaps one day these fun phrases will amount to something substantial.

Now, here's a picture

103b ap computer.jpg

Can you guess which phrase it corresponds to? How about this one? 103b ap bird.jpg

Mini Assignments

Let's try resizing this picture.

103b ap motherboard.jpg