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My first Wiki page

Hello, and welcome to the first wiki page of Angel Carpenter!
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I'm a senior Latin American Studies major and Spanish minor.

My semester

This semester I am taking the following courses:

  • CSC 103: How Computers Work (Thiébaut)
  • GOV 190: Empirical Methods in Political Science (Gold)
  • ANT 234: Culture, Power, and Politics (Armstrong-Fumero)
  • GOV 220: Introduction to Comparative Politics (García)
  • SPN 261: Survey of Latin American Literature II (Rueda)
  • Woodwind Quintet
  • French horn lessons

My favorite music

Being a musician myself, I love music! Here's a short list of some of my favorite bands (actually in no particular order, despite the numerical list):

  1. Café Tacuba
    Cafe tacuba.jpg
  2. Cat Power
  3. Aesop Rock
  4. Ely Guerra
  5. T.I.
  6. Cage
  7. Plastilina Mosh
  8. Maldita Vecindad y Los Hijos del Quinto Patio
  9. Zoé
  10. Bebe
  11. Camu Tao
  12. Sage Francis
  13. Radiohead

My interests/hobbies/activities

Aside from music, I do a couple of other things. Here's what I'm interested in/what I do:

  • Work study job with ETS
  • Technical Director for WOZQ 91.9 fm (Smith College's radio station!)
  • Wind ensemble
  • Gael García Bernal
    103b ag gael-rudoycursi.jpg
  • Video games
  • Mexico
    103b ag mexican-flag-wallpaper.jpg
  • Amassing a small collection of instruments:
 French horn
 Melody sax (not mine, but it is currently in my possession)
 Jaw harp
 Ukulele (it's a toy... but it works...)
 Electric bass

...all of which I cannot play very well (aside from the Horn).

  • The Internet
  • San Diego
    103b ag FORMOSAT-2-SanDiegoRegion.jpg
  • Hedgehogs
    103b ag hedgehog-0002.jpg
  • Good weather