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Lab #2: Disassembling a Computer

Mamiko Oman

  • February 7, 2011
  • Team Members: Me, Yingtong, & Camilla

This is when we took the computer apart, and then put it back TOGETHER AGAIN! I know~ incredible!

103b af our team.jpg

  • Model #: Dell Optiplex GX620

103b af dell optix.jpg

Demolition Mode

The Process

In the beginning.... 103b af pretty computer.jpg

By the end... 103b af destroyed.jpg

Recognizable Parts

  • Processor

103b af processor 1.jpg 103b af processor.jpg

  • Memory

103b af memory.jpg

  • Power Supply

103b af powersupply.jpg 103b af powersupplyy.jpg

  • Hard Disk

103b af harddisk.jpg 103b af pretty harddisk.jpg

  • CD/DVD Rom

103b af cddvd.jpg

  • Motherboard

103b af motherboardyt.jpg 103b af pretty motherboard.jpg

Miscellaneous Parts

103b af fan.jpg 103b af er?.jpg

Other Information


To disassemble the computer, we first took off the hood. Next, we just looked at all the parts that looked like they could be removed, and started to unscrew them. Some screws were difficult to find or we didn't have the right type of screwdriver, but eventually we were able to remove all necessary parts. We figured out during the process of removal which parts were most likely which. Some pieces were easily recognizable (such as the cd/dvd rom), but others took more thought and time to label correctly.

Final Thoughts

The biggest challege came not when we were disassembling the computer, but rather when were putting it back together again. It seemed like some things would just not fit back together again the way that they had been before. I guess its a good thing we aren't actaully the manufacturers, otherwise that would have been a seriuos problem! The demolition process of the computer itself was relatively easy, except for the occasional well-hidden screw. Our biggest discovery came in finding how very tiny the CPU is. There's such a large fan for such a tiny sliver of metal!