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Hello! I'm Mamiko, and this is my first wiki page!

My semester

This semester I am taking the following courses:

  • CSC103
  • EAL 360
  • DAN 113
  • DAN 142
  • ESS 975
  • ESS 925
  • JAPA-14-01 at Amherst!

As you may have guessed, I'm having a hard time narrowing down my classes. >.<;; Thank goodness for shopping period!

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My favorites- Miscellaneous

103b af kungfu.jpeg
  1. Putting on clothes that just came out of the dryer (They're warm & they smell nice!)
  2. Popovers (Seriously... What's not to love?)
  3. Spelling incorrectly on PURPUS!
  4. Emoticons \(^u^)/
  5. The days when you wake up to find all your pimples are gone (Wait, is that appropriate to put on this site >.>)
  6. Finally getting home after a long bus/train/plane ride
  7. Talking/Eating/Being with good friends
  8. Snow Days!
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What I dislike (B/c hate is a strong word)

  1. My alarm clock
  2. Running out of batteries
  3. Missing dinner
  4. Having no money
  5. Almost graduating, and having no job lined up :(

Uh... So basically my life right now (-___-;)

This is depressing... let us think happy happy thoughts instead

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