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PC Lab Report Page

Quincy Knapp's Lab Report on the PC lab held in Ford Hall on Monday, February 7, 2011.

The model number of our computer was a Dell OT570.

The Demolition Team

Jaymie and Quincy



Pictures of your computer at different stages of disassembly

103b ae dissassembly1.jpg
103b ae dissassembly2.jpg

103b ae dissassembly3.jpg

103b ae dissassembly4.jpg

A picture of the processor


A picture of the memory


A picture of the power supply


A picture of the hard disk


inside a harddrive

A picture of the CD/DVD Rom


A picture of the mother board


Other pictures you feel illustrate well the different parts you discovered in your computer.

extra special video card
super cool heat sink
harddrive still in blue clip

A brief description of the steps you took to disassemble your computer. the challenges, the surprises, and the discoveries.

Sadly, the steps I took to disassemble the computer seemed mostly to be prying and yanking things apart. I ripped into the computer like a bear after honey - everything I saw, I wanted to take apart. One challenge was the power cables. Of course, I realize that computers must run on electricity and that the electricity has to run through something, but for some reason I was still surprised by the number of cables that criss-crossed everywhere, tangling up the screwdriver. I was also surprised by the amount of empty space inside the computer and the number of different companies that made the parts to go into a Dell computer. It was interesting to see the motherboard and processor in their full glory. It was hard to remember how to identify the parts in real life, even after watching the videos and reading the book. Looking at the innards of the computer was a pretty enjoyable experience.

A wiki construct that wasn't in the lab, but that you found in one of the wiki resources listed at the bottom of this page.


For more pictures, please browse this album: here