103b-ad PC Lab

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Camilla Somers

Lab date: Feb. 9, 2011

Computer model: Dell 620GX

Team: Mamiko, Yingtong, and me, with our reassembled computer!

103b ad our team.jpg


#1: The computer in the process of being taken apart

103b ad team.jpg

#2: The processor

103b ad processor.jpg

#3: The memory

103b ad memory.jpg

#4: The power supply

103b ad power.jpg

#5: The hard disk

103b ad harddisk.jpg

#6: The CD/DVD drive

103b ad cddvd.jpg

#7: Mamiko digs the motherboard

103b ad motherboard1.jpg


First we popped off the outer cover of the computer, then proceeded to remove the fan, which was obstructing the motherboard since it sits on top of the CPU. Taking out the fan was difficult, so while one of us worked on that, another took out the CD/DVD and the hard disk, both of which came out without much difficulty. Removing the motherboard was probably the most difficult part of diassembling the computer since so many wires and screws were attached to it, some of which were obstructed by other hardware. Hence the motherboard was the last piece we removed, and was also the first back in once we reassembled the computer at the end of the lab.


Disassembling our computer was surprisingly simple--I always thought the hardware inside a computer was so complex (not to mention expensive) as to be untouchable by anyone other than an IT technician or a similarly well-informed individual. I was relieved to find that I could identify almost all of the essential parts. We had some trouble removing the motherboard since some real force was necessary to take out the screws and wires attached to it, but otherwise it was a pretty speedy, straightforward process.