03/11 Meeting

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Notes and ToDo List from Today's Meeting

  • Joe talk to Dominique re lots of RAM
    • Conclusion: Use Joe's Xeon workstation that has 6 GB RAM
    • Need to talk to Tony Caldenaro to find out how to use Xeon remotely
    • Need to create a special account
  • We concluded that the phoenix circle is only about 7.3 inches in diameter (out of the original 30.4cm=12in), so should fit into one print. So decided to partition into center and rim.
  • Decided to do all the celtic knots in Solid Works.
  • Need to explore: Solid Works output formats → Blender
  • Blender STL file for last printrun should be sent to Kaitlin & Becca, for them to cut through it and see if that works.
  • Cutting is a technical problem, with two possible solutions:
    • Cutting in SolidWorks instead, which is the point of the above experiment.
    • Cutting in Blender with a lot of RAM, which is the point of the RAM investigation.
  • Gillian & RB need to put circles outside of dots; might be delicate.
  • Joe needs to show Eric Jensen the Dimension plastic results, to see if we have reached the resolution of the printer, or does it only need servicing, cleaning the head, etc.
  • Joe needs to meet with David Dempsey to get feedback on the quality of our prints, to see whether are are sufficient for subsequent steps.
  • Next Print: the phoenix circle, actual size.
  • One unresolved issue is depth/height of various pieces of the design. Can likely be left to the last moment, so not critical now.
  • Joe needs to update the Web pages, figure captions etc., for Spring Break "release."