02/18 Meeting

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JOR Notes

  • Linux account to share requested of Eric Jensen, 18Feb10
  • Plan to 3D print Friday 19Feb10 @2:00PM. Most can at least stop by. Ruby and Joe will manage the printers. Someone will take photos for the Web pages.
  • RB: Please remember to record in the wiki the magic incantations that were used in Blender to get from the Bezier curves to a solid mesh.
  • Angela et al.: Let us think of how to incorporate a mysql database into the project, so that there is a more substantive web program aspect to your work.
    • I have a vague idea of a database of images/photos, which can be semi-automatically assembled into a Web page. Partially reproducing the capabilities of e.g iPhoto.
  • Question of incorporating Adobe Illustrator into SolidWorks still not resolved. However, it appears that circular arcs may suffice. SolidWorks is available in FordHall as long as the Macs are booted into Windows.
  • There is a new version of MeshLab released just as of Feb.10th! So everyone who has a copy should download the new version. I probably cannot get it installed throughout Science.
  • JOR needs to prepare introductory material for the developing Web site.